• WAtoday
      August 4, 2013: How Barack Obama is changing the face of Australian political campaigns. 
    • Harvard Business Review
      November 2, 2012: Ken Strasma, president of Strategic Telemetry, knows this world well.  A former campaign manager, Strasma started his company in 2003 to find a better way to predict who the true persuadables are in a campaign, and to find smart ways to target messaging towards them. 
    • Campaigns & Elections
      March 1, 2011: What's Next? Four Innovators Pushing Campaigning Ahead
    • Daily Kos
      March 1, 2011: Some Wisconsin Democratic senators looking to return, recalls loom. Strategic Telemetry...suggests that there are twice as many Wisconsin residents willing to sign a recall petition against Walker as would be necessary to make such a petition valid.
    • The Atlantic
      February 28, 2011: Dem Pollster Raises Possibility of Walker Recall. Strasma extrapolated (based on district-level microtargeting indices for progressivism and willingness to engage in political action) to find that ample voters would be willing to sign recall petitions for eight Republican state senators.
    • Journal Sentinel
      February 28, 2011: A Democratic look at the viability of recalling Walker and GOP lawmakers. It was done by Wisconsin’s Ken Strasma, who did micro-targeting for the 2008 Obama campaign, and concludes that among people who dislike what Walker is doing, " very large numbers are willing to take some action about it,” said Strasma in an interview.
    • San Francisco Chronicle
      January 10, 2011: Overseen by Ken Strasma, the lauded national target director of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, organizers sifted through 800 data points...The goal: Find people with comparable values. The results, California Labor Federation Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski said, "blew us away."
    • Journal Sentinel
      December 21, 2010: Reapportionment: states carried by Obama in 2008 lose six electoral votes. Strategic Telemetry has posted this map of the 2008 electoral vote and the impact of the new congressional apportionment on red and blue states.
    • San Francisco Chronicle
      August 24, 2010: They're using cutting-edge technology, known as "micro-targeting," to locate as many as 2 million more backers in "nonunion dense" places such as Orange County, Fresno and the Inland Empire - conservative parts of California that Brown likely will struggle to carry. It is being overseen by Ken Strasma, the much-lauded national target director of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.
    • Campaigns & Elections
      August 23, 2010: Explaining the "Dark Magic" of Microtargeting -- I think that’s the greatest benefit of microtargeting for campaigns—it hones in on how to deliver the best, most pre­cise message to your voters. 

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  • Philippine Daily Inquirer 
    February 15, 2010: Campaigners tap 'Avatar' technology - At the head of this effort was Ken Strasma, the Democrats’ demographic genius. Strasma's computer-driven profiles generated thousands of voter indicators—long strings of data that he called “demographic DNA”—and strands of correlations like what kinds of pets SUV owners preferred.
  • Campaigns&Elelections - Politics Magazine 
    February, 2010: Targeting the Most Unusual Electorate in America - How innovative targeting helped win a record third-term for New York City's mayor
    June 8, 2009: Obama's Top Targeter Bullish on Montana and Worried About Gingrich; Predicts Deeds Win Tomorrow - Ken Strasma, recognizable to many 538 readers as Barack Obama's national targeting director in 2008, is the first participant in a new series of interviews we will be conducting with consultants and experts from the field of campaigns and elections.
  • New York Observe
    May 19, 2009: Welcome to Camp Bloomberg | Politicker NY - Strategic Telemetry, the Washington-based micro-targeting firm of former Obama operative Ken Strasma...
  • New York Times 
    ‎May 15, 2009: ‎Bloomberg Spending Twice as Much as He Did in '05 Campaign - ... which produces television ads; $655473 to Connections Media for Internet ads; and $375000 to Strategic Telemetry, which researches voters. ...
  • The Pundits' Guide 
    May 1, 2009: Technology in the Obama Campaign: Who Did What For Whom? - ...Strategic Telemetry- the "business intelligence" of the system, containing the top secret likely voter profile of potential Obama supporters and where to find
  • Richmond Times Dispatch 
    March 21, 2009: Micro-targeting is a powerful predictor in politics - The Obama campaign used micro-targeting by Strasma's Washington-based firm, Strategic Telemetry, in each primary and battleground state and nationally, ...
  • Moldova.ORG 
    March 14, 2009: Bloomberg re-election cost at $3M to date - Meanwhile, the research firm Strategic Telemetry has received more than $391000 from Bloomberg during the same time period. The firm was previously used by ...
  • New York Daily News 
    March 13, 2009: Bloomberg has spent $3M already on third bid as New York City's mayor - The firm, headed by Ken Strasma, conducted Obama's exacting voter targeting.
  • Detroit Free Press 
    March 12, 2009: Micro-targeting campaigners use bits, bytes - "If you want to do a mailing to undecided senior Hispanic women, we can tell you who the most persuadable ones are," said Ken Strasma, who was the chief ...
  • McClatchy Newspapers 
    March 9, 2009; Big brother: Politicians using public info to find their targets -"If you want to do a mailing to undecided senior Hispanic women, we can tell you who the most persuadable ones are," said Ken Strasma, who was the chief ...
  • Democratic Blog of Collin County - News February 15, 2009: Voter Relationship Management - The art of relationship management is not new and can be found in many forms, addressing specific constituency...
  • Transcript of PBS's Frontline: The Persuaders
  • New York Times 
    February 5, 2009: Bloomberg Campaigners Taste the High Life - Yet Mr. Bloomberg has already signed about 10 high-priced strategists, like Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s former media strategist, and Ken Strasma, ...
  • New York Daily News 
    January 28, 2009: Mayor Bloomberg snatches top consultants from Democratic rivals - The additions are joined by Ken Strasma, a strategist for President Obama who will serve as Bloomberg's number cruncher. ...
  • New York Times 
    January 26, 2009: Bloomberg Campaign Adds a Get-Out-the-Vote Tactician - Mr. Bloomberg just snatched up Ken Strasma, a consultant who researched voting patterns and preferences for the Obama presidential campaign. ...
  • 1to1 Media 
    January 23, 2009: Marketers Can Take a Cue From Election '08 - Ken Strasma, president of Strategic Telemetry, a consultant to the Obama campaign, sees little difference between finding and targeting the most likely ...
  • New York Post 
    January 18, 2009: Barack’s Voter-Profiler Whiz signs on with Mike - Ken Strasma, widely regarded as one of the party's most advanced number crunchers, is joining Howard Wolfson, former communications director for Hillary ...
  • Fast Company 
    September 17, 2008: All Politics Is Microtargeting - Ken Strasma, 42, focused on microtargeting as research director of the National Committee for an Effective Congress, a progressive lobbying group.
  • Salon 
    Jul 16, 2008; Barack Obama's super marketing machine "People get hung up looking for a silver bullet," said Ken Strasma, a Democratic consultant whose firm, Strategic Telemetry, worked on more than 100 races ...
  • Telegraph Herald - NewsBank 
    June 15, 2008; Software taking some guesswork out of election? The 2004 presidential election was the first time when predictive analytics was used in a significant way, said Ken Strasma, president of Washington-based ...
  • Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver 
    June 9, 2008: Election not just anyone's guess today... in a significant way, said Ken Strasma, president of Washington-based Strategic Telemetry, who has worked for Sen. Barack Obama's campaign this season. ...
  • Campaigns and Elections 
    June 3, 2008: Microwizards: These innovators are taking microtargeting in startling new directions
  • KMWorld - Alacra Store 
    June 1, 2008; Targeting key voters - A Washington, D.C.-based political consulting service and SPSS customer, Strategic Telemetry, provides strategic advice and voter ...
  • Computerworld 
    March 14, 2008: Finding votes one by one
  • E-Week 
    March, 10 2008: Candidates Use Predictive Analytics to Seek Votes
  • The New Yorker 
    November 26, 2007: The Relaunch, Can Barack Obama catch Hillary Clinton?
  • The Chicago Reader 
    October 27, 2006: What Does the GOP Know About You?
  • Marketplace 
    October 19, 2006: We want your vote - and we'll pay for it
  • Washington Post 
    August 2, 2006: Democrats Scrambling To Organize Voter Turnout
  • Washington Post 
    May 21, 2006: Bush is Losing Hispanics' Support, Polls Show: Surveys Find the Immigration Debate Is Also Alienating White Conservatives
  • Winning Campaigns 
    Feb. 20, 2006: Micro-Targeting: New Wave Political Campaigning
  • The American Prospect 
    Jan. 23, 2004: New Math: How a trio of savvy Kerry campaign workers used a fresh voter equation to win Iowa